Hi, I'm Carlynn

I am a Dine (Navajo), photographer. I am of the Folded Arms Clan born for the Reed Clan. My maternal grandparents are of the Coyote Pass Clan and my paternal grandparents are of the Deities Dressed in Regalia Clan. This is how I introduce myself as a young Navajo woman. I’m originally from Round Rock, Arizona, but I was born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona. I am a self-taught photographer who specializes in portraits and landscapes. I enjoy taking photos of people and creating memories with them. My Dine (Navajo) culture has been my inspiration for capturing photos.

As someone who has grown up around art, I’ve always had a connection with expressing my creativity through the different forms of art. Photography has been a way for me to express my creativity through brilliant lightings and vibrant colors while also capturing memories. Creating vibrant colors gives my photographs characteristics and creates a mood of emotions. It gives my photographs life as if you are really there seeing it for yourself. As a Navajo photographer, my culture has become my inspiration for capturing photos. I give my viewers a sense of understanding and insight into our culture and lifestyle compared to the Euro-American culture. I love creating memories by capturing the beauty of life through my camera lens.  

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Email: cbegay0598@gmail.com Phone: (928) 614-2276